Heart tugging video of Golden Retriever asking baby sibling to play ball

The Golden Retriever named Hobbles likes to play fetch like all other dogs.

Baby and dog

But Hobbles didn’t understand that his little buddy was still a child. The new baby in the family named Nolan has already learned to take some objects in his hands. And he was playing with his ball when Hobble couldn’t resist the temptation.

The Golden Retriever thought that the boy wanted to play fetch with him and when the ball was on the floor the dog returned the ball to Nolan. He licked him carefully and waited for another attempt to fetch the ball.

The dog’s reaction was priceless!

@slickberg Come on little buddy, why wont you play? #puppiesandbabies #dogsoftiktok #sharingiscaring #bestfriendscheck #goldenrretriever #goldenretrieverpuppy #rainbowbaby ♬ original sound – Stephanie Sleighter

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