Orphaned Kodiak bear enjoys cuddles and pumpkins on Thanksgiving

Jim and his wife, Susan ran the Orphaned Wildlife Center, located in Otisville, New York. There the couple cared for wild animals with a few volunteers.

Orphaned Kodiak bear

The main species are Syrian and Kodiac bears. So you can now imagine how hard they should work to meet all the needs of bears. But the couple loved them like their children and gave them great love and attention.

Orphaned Kodiak bear

Recently the couple decided to celebrate Thanksgiving and say thanks to those who helped to keep their Center. When they couldn’t afford to keep the animals anymore Kerry helped them and offered to make their center into a non-profit organization. With the help of kind people, the center thrived even more and now the couple takes care of Amy, Jenny, Randy, & Rose with great pleasure.

During Thanksgiving, the couple decided to give some pumpkins to their lovely bears, and the idea was approved by the bears. They cuddled with Jim and got their pumpkins in the end.

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