One-Eyed Puppy Chooses Her People at Animal Shelter

The one-eyed dog stopped what she was doing when she notice the warmhearted couple. The couple knew that this dog was meant to be theirs.

She was born on a farm and a dog popped her eye out during the fight. The farmer took him to the RSPCA where the dog underwent surgery.

The couple knew that the dog needed them more than ever and took her home. She was named Holly as the couple adopted the dog at Christmas.

They had another pet at home which was not a dog but a cat. It seemed taht the cat liked his new friend and soon the couple also brough home the cat from the shelter where Holly lived. Holly liked her friend ad the couple didn’t want to saparate them. So the three pets were living now happily with their positive owners.

The couple new that Holly chose them as he family and they truly became one.

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