Newborn Monkey Found Mummified Inside A Cardboard Box, Shows Incredible Transformation

Rescuers thought when they found an orangutan that he was dead. Motionless, the little orangutan, Gito, had been placed in a urine-soaked cardboard box, leaving to die. He had been living only on condensed milk, he was really suffering severely malnourishment, writes thepetneeds

Gito looked ‘mummified’ and his situation was really neglect and cruelty, according to rescuers from International Animal Rescue (IAR). The group wrote on its website that even the most strengthened members of the team were shocked when they saw Gito’s state.

Thankfully, Gito is finally getting back to the life, by IAR staff’s efforts, that all animals should have. He now can play on the jungle gym, jump, and also staring into the camera. IAR shared some photos for Gito and wrote that they are delighted to share these photos which show how Gito has come since they rescue him. His skin is looking so much better and he becomes healthier daily.

The veterinarians are very glad with his progress, and it is hoped that he will be back into the wild in a day. He is also becoming more energetic.

At least, Gito reclaimed the life that he should have. Gito’s recovery story shows the people how much good groups like IAR can do in rescuing animals. Watch the video below.

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