Talking Dog Gets Excited of Having a Kitten as a Sibling, but His Human Dad Can’t Stop Teasing Him with Delays

Recently a pet owner shared his funny conversation. His dog Clyde seemed to understand every single word he told.

Pet Friendships: A Bond Between a Kitten & 3 Dogs | Hill's Pet

When Clyde’s dad asked him about bringing a kitten home he was excited and it was obvious that he was not against it. Moreover, e wanted a cat sibling for a long time.

Knowing this very well, his owner kept on teasing the dog and the scene was too funny. As soon as the dad talked about a kitten or their road to a pet store the dog began jumping and wagging his tail but soon the man changed the story and began talking about other animals. This was when Clyde became disappointed and showed this to his owner.

The dog understood every single word. And this video is another proof that they could communicate with you easily by telling you their desires.

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