Cat reacting to a lion on TV is the dose of cuteness you need

All of us have a hero. Someone we look up to, imitate, and try to be like. This cat is not an exception too.

Snowball was a cute cat who had been watching TV for a long time. Suddenly he thought he had found a hero. For Snowball, the mighty lion was a great hero.

Most of all, Snowball was attracted by the roar of the lion. As he thought he was a lion, Snowball tried to imitate the lion.

As the cat managed to “roar” the TV lion responded to Snowball funnily.

@ladybmw__ Snowball responding to the Lion ?❤️#LIKEABOMBSHELL #fyp #SearchForWonderMom #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Isabella

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