Dog Owner Shares What It’s Like To Eat With Great Danes In The House

Looking at the Great Danes some people call them horse dogs. They are bigger than many people and when on hind legs bigger than many other dogs.

Imagine those Great Danes being around while you keep eating. Many dogs like to be around while their owners are eating as they hope for some snacks that fall on the ground.

Teaching a Great Dane to Stay Behind an Invisible Line Around the Table:  Dog Gone Problems

But if a Great Dane is near you while you are eating then you are not alone around the table. The big dog can’t hide under the table and wait for food that will fall. They will put their legs or faces on teh table and will wait patiently and calmly as if nothing happened.

Recently a TikTok video became perfect proof of this whole situation.

@larrygreatdane One is trying to get close to mom the other just wants her soup !!! #dog #lapdog #bigdogs #dogsoftiktokviral ♬ Mr. Forgettable – David Kushner

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