Mom asks Bernese mountain dog ‘where’s cat’ and he reveals hiding spot

Melanie had a cute cat and a sweet dog who dealt with each other perfectly. One day Melanie returned from work and found her dog sitting quietly. She kept searching for her cat but Chippy was nowhere to be found.

The fluffy dog named Theodor was lying there with such innocent eyes that Melanie couldn’t imagine what to say: to blame him or to ask him about the cat. So when Melanie asked where her lovely cat was all of a sudden Chippy came out under the fluffy dog’s jaw.

So the one Theodor was protecting was the one who betrayed him. Melanie couldn’t help laughing. Chippy probably couldn’t breathe anymore under the fur so he came out and made his brother in a very unsuitable situation.

Theodor was shocked that his lovely friend came out so early. Maybe he wanted to cuddle with him as long as he wanted.

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