Cat Refuses To Move From Doberman’s Bed Despite His Protests

You may have probably heard about the disagreement between cats and dogs living under the same roof. But if you have experience then you know perfectly that it is the cat that comes out on top. Cats can’t keep their skittish behavior in secret for a long time.

The same story is pending in Amanda’s home. She has a Doberman and a feisty cat. Though Amanda has always thought that the Doberman has the upper hand it is not true at all.

Recently Amanda shared how her cat took over the dog’s bed and refused to leave it. Despite the dog’s loud protests, the cat stayed in her place motionless.

@amandaplease606 SHE KNOWS THIS IS HER BED, NOT THE CATS ?? She’s FED UP. For people who think sunny is being aggressive/needs to leave the cat alone- Kodak is a hood rat & he is not scared of any dog? #fyp #cat #doberman #pets #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Amanda Hope ✨

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