How A Lost Dog Brought An Entire Community Together

As volunteers scoured the entire town of Belfast, Maine, for the missing dog, Ruthie, the Belfast neighborhood came together.

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West Highland White Terrier got out of Marina Delune’s car and ran away, the 67-year-old claimed. Ruthie had been missing for several hours, then days, and Marina began to worry that she might never see Ruthie again.

She asked for assistance in finding her lost puppy in a Facebook post on a Belfast-related page. Only a few individuals, she believed, would reply.

But she told Bangor Daily News that the response she received was “truly astounding.” “It was incredible. Even keeping up with all the responses was impossible. Due to my lack of Facebook knowledge, I was unable to reply to every post. The majority of Belfast went searching for her in the woods, which is what happened.

Raymelle Moody, a Facebook page administrator, described the initiative as “just a tremendous sort of avalanche of community activity.” “There are so many dogs in this town. It was simple to fall in love with Ruthie even if you were unfamiliar with Marina and Ruthie. Additionally, it was natural to want to assist Marina because she is crippled and unable to search on her own.


Volunteers searched through yards and woods for her and even put up signs around the community.

Kimberly Mitchell, 53, a disabled animal lover who who loves people, contacted Marina and went to her house late on Thursday to help. She was certain that the dog was around as she parked in the drive.

“My entire body was covered in goosebumps. I was certain Ruthie was present, she said.

She checked the yard despite the freezing rain. She extended her search to the yards of the neighbors, but she was still unsuccessful.

She said, “I was trying to find her logically, but it wasn’t working.” “So I quieted down and returned to my heart. A sincere, straightforward message is what I hear when I act from the heart. There,” I overheard.

By the time she reached a neighbor’s house’s corner and noticed a tiny hole in the underside of their deck, it was getting dark. Kimberly peered around in the pitch black using the flashlight on her cell phone.

“I noticed her tiny face up there [under the deck]. She was directly addressing me, she said. I became numb. I immediately recognized that I was seeing a miracle. I was completely blank-headed. It was all heart. I think that it was the collective love of the whole community.”

Kimberly said the reunion was emotional.

“We were in a three-way hug with Ruthie in the middle. It was absolutely amazing,” she said.


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