The little bear got stuck on the road and could not catch up with his mother, but he met a policeman who saved his life.

A New Hampshire police officer witnessed an amazing sight. As dogs sometimes get hit by cars, he stopped anytime an animal crossed the street and paid close attention, but he had never seen bears in the middle of the street before.

When he took a closer look, he realized that one baby had fallen behind the rest of the family in this tableau, which was incredibly unexpected.

All the cubs moved quickly, but this one was unable to move at all—not even quickly. The mother bear was then forced to decide. She gave up one youngster to save four others.

If not for the heroic policeman, who saw right away that the baby needed to be taken away and helped, the injured bear cub’s fate would have been tragic. The Society for the Protection of Wildlife rescuers showed up rather quickly.

The complete bear family was located, and they managed to remove another ailing cub from the bear with great difficulty.

According to the policeman, the treatment for the cubs is going well, and once they are totally well, they will be released to their natural habitat because it is already known where their mother is.

We are really happy that people are growing more compassionate toward our furry friends because, even 100 years ago, no one was shocked by animal abuse.

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