The baby climbed into the jar and could not get out. Look what mama cat did

All babies are a little fidgety and are constantly coming up with different pranks to please their parents. Dads and moms didn’t even think about what their young children would come up with. Their naughty deeds are always accompanied by innocent looks and angelic faces. Kittens are like human children too.

This little devil is very interested in a 3-liter jar. He studied it so hard that he got so caught up in it that he couldn’t get out of it on his own. Then, like all young thugs, the “heavy artillery” fired crying, mom. Mom, of course, immediately rushed, but she did not know how to get her lovely kitten all her attempts were to no avail.

Still, the mother cat found an easy and ingenious way to free her kitten. You can see how she did it in the video. And let anyone tell you that animals cannot think!

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