“What a Beauty!”: What Does The Unknown Daughter Of Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Look Like?

Dakota Johnson, the eldest daughter of two-time Oscar winner Melanie Griffith, became well-known because of her role in “50 Shades of Grey.” What do we know about her youngest child, though?

Joe Johnson and Melanie Griffith were married twice, and during the second union, Dakota Johnson was born. Unfortunately, having a kid did not make their love stronger, and in 1995 they ended it forever.

Shortly after, Griffith met Antonio Banderas while filming “Two Much,” and despite the fact that both actors were still going through divorces (she from Johnson, and he from his wife Ana Lesa), they grew passionately attracted to one another.

Griffith soon found out she was expecting, and on May 14, 1996, she married Banderas.

They gave birth to their daughter, Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith, on September 24 of that same year, a few months later.

Griffith and Banderas remained close even after their split in 2014, especially for the benefit of their daughter.

Stella, who is now 24 years old, has developed into a lovely beauty who embodies the greatest traits of both her parents. Despite the encouragement of her parents, Stella does not intend to pursue acting, despite the fact that she appeared in her first and only movie back in 1999.

Instead, Banderas has made a name for herself as a model and businesswoman, even developing her own fragrance.

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