Obese rescue Husky lives a different life after reaching his goal weight

The Husky named Mishka wasn’t adopted as he was being aggressive to the shelter staff. But Naleah didn’t share the same opinion.

Adorable Husky

The kind girl thought that the poor dog just needed help. When she arrived at the shelter she called Mishka by name and they had pleasant eye contact.

After that, Naleah knew that the dog would become her best friend. The shelter staff warned that if she didn’t adopt the dog Mishka would soon be euthanized. So the girl immediately filled out the adoption papers.

Adorable Husky

Mishka was weighing 109lbs and was very depressed. The dog, however, was in safe hands and her owner knew how to help the dog. Naleah took Mishka for walks very often and the dog soon became 100 lbs. The dog adored her beach days where she could walk and run all day long.

After 10 months, the dog was weighing 70 lbs. She became a very energetic and good-natured dog. This is how a little love and attention changed the life of the dog.

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