Black bear uses its mouth to open door of biologist’s home and gets an earful

Susan Kehoe, who lives in Highland Lakes, New Jersey, recently experiences a very shocking accident that will remain in her thoughts forever.

One day she heard a knock on the. She couldn’t reach the door when, out of blue, a huge black bear appeared in front of the door.

But it was perfect that Susan was at home as she managed to make the bear come out of her house. On the contrary, the bear could break into the house and the woman would be shocked. But Susan turned out to be an expert in soothing bears and making them do whatever she wanted.

She called the bear and asked him to go out in a very calm voice. The bear didn’t listen to the woman and even put his front paws on the rug by the door. But the woman was persistent and repeated her words again and again asking him to go out very politely. And while the bear came out a few minutes later.

The most exciting part of the story was that the bear managed to open the door all by himself.

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