Woman Visits Her Father’s Grave And Is Greeted By A Stray Cat Who Refuses To Leave Her Side

Once a woman named Jada Sezer decides to visit her father’s grave. She hadn’t visited her father since he passed away and it was the first time.

But Jada couldn’t have imagined that her visit would end up with a new feline buddy she met there.

When she approached to her father’s grave a cat approached her and jumped on her lap. It was a white and brown cute feline who didn’t want to leave her.
When it was time for Jade to leave she couldn’t go home alone. So she took the cat with her.

Jada took her to the vet clinic where the cat was microchipped and it turned out that she didn’t have a permanent owner. So Jada adopted the cat with great pleasure and they have become best buddies since then.

@jadasezer Welcome to the family Yoshi #catlover #adoptedcatsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Bella ☮︎

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