The dog led the owner to a strange snowdrift around which the snow was melting: it was a tied bag, and it was moving

Once Irina and her dog Bella were walking on a snowy day when out of the blue Bella started to behave very strangely.

There was a red-haired dog, hardly alive.

Te cute dog was named Zhulenka. Irina immediately took her home. She bathed the dog and then offered some food. But the dog refused to eat anything and was just staring into the void. Soon Irina took her to the clinic where vets told her that she was underweighted. dogs at her age should weigh almost 12 kg, but she weighed 4 kg. Her condition was extremely serious. But the vet’s advice and Irina’s great love and attention made the dog succeed again.

Soon Zhulenka could keep her head and gain weight day after day.

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