War Veteran Asks Service Dog To Be Best Man At His Wedding

Justin Lanford was serving in Afghanistan. He was deployed there in 2012. Just like other warriors, Justin also had a difficult period and was seriously injured.

Լուսանկարի նկարագրությունը հասանելի չէ:

His injury was life-threatening as he was struck by an IED and which flipped his truck completely. Justin lost his left leg and was sent home to recover. As a part of his recovery, Justin acquired a Golden Retriever name, Gabe.

Լուսանկարի նկարագրությունը հասանելի չէ:

Gabe helped Justin very much. Justin had to learn how to use a prosthetic leg and Gabe understood him very well. The dog hepled him overcome the diffivulties and walk again.

in 2015 Justingplanned to get married to his parner Carol Balmes. But Justing didn’t forget about his loyal friend and honored him to be his best man.

Լուսանկարի նկարագրությունը հասանելի չէ:

In 2020 Gabe was told taht he would soon have a human brother or sister. The dog welcomed his human sibling very well but as soon as the baby was born Gabe was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told that the dog would live 6 weeks.

The couple was devastated as they wrote on their Facebook page that the dog had been their lovely family member and friend for 8 years.

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