Cross-eyed cat with permanently sad expression just wants a new home

Some animals are born with peculiar looks. But this won’t be a reason for their misfortune.

Just like this cat named Benjamin Franklin who has crossed eyes. The eyes give the cat a sad expression but he is a very positive animal.

The Animal Welfare Society told that the cat’s eyes don’t need any medical concern.

Ben wasn’t so playful as he still had an attachment to his owner. But his owner died and this was the cause that the cat appeared in the shelter.

Ben hopes that one day he will have a new caring owner and will continue his life in safe and froever home.

If you are interested in adopting Ben click here.

@animalwelfaresoctynm_ct Ben Franklin can be a little moody, but this cross eyed kitty has the cutest face! ? #bejaminfranklin #crosseyed #sheltercat #adoptme ♬ Up by Olly murs. – ? Havy ?

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