Janice Haley from Florida decided to turn her backyard into a playground for her beloved “kittens” two Bengal tigers

Janice Haley from Florida kept two giant Bengal tigers. She kept them as if they were little cats.

Recently Haley thought that the tigers didn’t have a proper playground so she made up her mind to build one for them. she turned her backyard into a huge playground for her wild felines.

In 1995 Haley left her job and began caring for wild animals who need her help such as tigers, lions, and leopards. The woman did it with great pleasure.

Her two tigers Janda and Saber considered the woman their mom. She brought them into her home when they were little “kittens.”

The tigers couldn’t live in their natural habitats and it’s more suitable for them to continue their life with Janice.

Some volunteers joined Janice in her hard but pleasant work and cared for the tigers too.

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