After years of searching, 18-year-old dog finally comes home

When this Pitbull, Kane was brought to the shelter he had various medical issues. The dog was a senior dog whose eyesight was poor and he also had severe arthritis.

How to Handle Your Pet's Final Days with Care


Every year local shelters welcome 3.1 million dogs and only 2 million pups find their forever homes. 1.1 million pups stay at the shelters because of their age, health, and other conditions.

Kane was one of those dogs who couldn’t find a home for a long time. But he had a wonderful foster mom and caretakers at the shelter and soon overcame his health issues, Chloe, his foster mom, told him that he was a wonderful dog and his future owners would be extremely happy with him.

Adorable dog

But Pitbulls are known for their furious behavior and Kane stayed in his foster home because of this misconception too. However, the dog found his loving home. Better late than ever. Phill and Ewa Halverson made the dog’s final years happy and comfortable.

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