Devastated Dog Waits by The Door for Her Dad to Come Back From The Hospital

A german Shepherd named Leia was owned by Katie Snyder. The dog was raised there since she was a little puppy.

Every time Katie took Leia to her parents the dog got excited. Leia loved when her grandparents spoil her and cover her with hugs and kisses. She was too attached to Katie’s father first of all.

Their stronbondng was noticed greatly when the man was wahospitalizeded and they couldn’t see eacotherhr so often. When the granny went in and out without her husband Leia doubted something and immediately understood that her lovely was not there. So she decided to sit in front of the door and didn’t move until she would see her beloved human again.

Katie’s mother captured this with her phone and sent it to Katie. As soon as she saw the photos she burst into tears at the scene.

Luckily, the next day the man was discharged and could come home. The moment when Leia and the old man met was priceless. They missed each other a lot.

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