Shaking beagle rescued from lab finds place where she can call home

Lori didn’t hesitate to foster a cute beagle Ella who spent all her life caged. Ella had been experimented on like other 4000 beagles who were saved by the Human Society of the United States from Cumberland, Virginia facility where beagles were bred and sold to labs.

Poor Ella and other beagles like her spent a short lifetime of pain, suffering, and isolation.

When Ella was brought home she was terrified and didn’t move unless Lori took her for a walk outside. The dog hadn’t known what freedom and a forever home meant.

It took a long time for Ella to come out of her shell and trust Lori.

After 4 weeks of intensive love, care, and attention Ella became another dog who liked to play with a ball and run freely after it.

Lori was too proud to be the foster mom of Ella and she even cried when she gave Ella to the hands of her forever family.

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