Dog reunites with ‘long-lost’ friend at Christmas

Dogs have a superior sense of smell compared to humans. Daisy smelled her gift under the Christmas tree too to learn what was inside.

When Daisy entered the room she immediately noticed the large object under the Christmas tree. The dog was curious and rushed to the object covered with a blanket to check what was under it. While sniffing the object began to move so Daisy knew it was a human.

She began wagging her tail gradually knowing who was under. And after revealing Daisy was excitedly jumping on the couch and barked.

The dog behaviorist Nanci Creedon posted this video on her Facebook page telling her  that Daisy hadn’t seen her lovely friend for a long time and when she returned they decided to make a pleasant surprise for her. The surprise was too pleasant for the dog and she waited for a hug for a long time.

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