Hero dog saves owner from Kansas House Fire

Dogs are known for their loyalty and great devotion. They can warn their owners in extremely dangerous situations and can save their lives.

One dog in Wichita, Kansas recently proved this fact. The loyal dog saved her owner from a grisly death.

Monroe loves her owner to the moon and back. She was a 6-year-old dog who recently showed how devoted she was to her owner.

Tyler Revel was fast asleep when his house caught fire. The man was watching football and slept during the match so he was unknown of the danger he was in.

Monroe was wide awake and as she felt the danger she did everything not to let anything bad happen.

She tried to wake Revel through a series of whines and pawing at him. The whines are enough to wake her owner and save his life.

Monroe and her owner managed to come out of the house before the fire got out of control and engulfed his home.

Revel is extremely happy that his dog was so brave and clever and didn’t let him and his home ruin it till the end.

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