Reese Witherspoon’s child Deacon is almost an adult you can have a look at his photos during the prom

Reese Witherspoon’s offspring You may see pictures of Deacon from his prom, who is practically an adult.



He appeared in the photos sporting a calla lily that was permanently adhered to his suit jacket and a gray tuxedo. The first photographs show him waiting outside of what looks to be a golf facility.

He also appeared in a picture of a stunning scenery, alongside his father Ryan Phillippe and two other strange people. In a selfie that was taken inside his house, he was also seen grinning. Who is going to prom? The message reads, “Embrace the,” and his mother replied with an emoticon of a flower petal smiling cheerfully. Despite not seeming any stranger in the picture, Deacon has also engaged in sculpture. For Beyonce’s newest Adidas clothing line, “Halls of Ivy,” in December 2021, he appeared in the images floating through the air while taking the picture, dressed fully in grass, one of which featured a pair of white glow Adidas basketball sneakers.


Despite Deacon’s best-known mother, who was actually his uncle, divorcing in 2008, they are still committed parents. Reese and Ryan got together to commemorate Deacon’s birthday in October 2021.


Happy 18th birthday to our charming, intelligent, gifted, and caring son. Everyone who knows you adores you because you are the universe’s purest incarnation. We consider it an honor to be mothers.

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