After owner abandoned him to buy a new couch, the cat refuses to eat.

Tim entered what he believed to be his forever home when he was a tiny, three-month-old kitten.

The sweet tabby gave his owner his complete love and trust, not suspecting that in return, he would have his heart broken.

Tim’s owner ultimately gave him up to New York City Animal Care and Control (ACC) with the excuse that the family had purchased a new couch, which was a heartbreaking turn of events.

Tim was completely depressed after being completely crushed.

Rescue and rehoming of cats by Magnificat
Tim was dangerously close to losing not only his family but also his life after being added to the ACC’s euthanasia list.

Tim was saved by Magnificat on the day that he was supposed to be put to death.

Magnificat is a rescue group that specializes in saving and rehoming cats.

Tim was placed with a wonderful foster family, but his broken heart persisted.

Rescue and rehoming of cats by Magnificat
Tim was unable to eat because of his extreme depression. The distressed and bewildered cat just wanted to curl up into a tiny ball of grief and grieve over being abandoned by his family.

He had to be force-fed by his foster family because, despite their best efforts, he kept losing weight.

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