Shih Tzu Survives Coyote Attack Because Of The Collar She Had On At The Time

Shih Tzus are incredible dogs that are too adorable.

Recently two amazing dogs had a great disaster while playing in their yard.

Shih Tzu: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Brodie and her canine sibling were playing outside when all of a sudden a coyote entered their yard. First, they wanted to lay with each other and the coyote approached them without any difficulty but soon he grabbed Brodie’s neck and tried to escape from the yard.

Only thanks to the collar Brodie was wearing at that moment the Shih Tzu’s life was saved. The collar pairs with the home’s electronic invisible fence, and when the coyote tried crossing the yard’s border, it received a zap. One slight electrical shock was enough for the coyote to surrender leaving teh dog there.

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