A man has been friends with a polar bear for more than 20 years and even swims with him in the pool.

Due to his original companion, a 67-year-old Canadian named Marc Dumas rose to international fame. For 23 years, he has been close friends with a polar bear who was an unexpected acquaintance. He frequently swims in the pool with her.

Professional animal trainer Mark has had Angie the polar bear as a pet for 23 years. She enjoys being with her master and speaks to him as though he were one of her tribesmen.

This female bear weighs more than 350 kilograms, and she has been surrounded by humans since birth. Her instruction was handled by Mark directly. Despite having her first role as a child in 1995, she is now a movie and advertisement star. The man has grown accustomed to his bear to the point where he can no longer envision life without her. According to him, polar bears can only survive for 35 years outside of their natural habitat.

The man loves animals, and they reciprocate his love and trust by not being afraid of him. However, with Angie, the bond is very strong and is equivalent to a true friendship.

The bear is given everything she needs and enjoys the most luxurious living arrangements. However, Angie developed a tendency of biting at a young age, and her owner worked hard to wean her from this behavior. Despite this, he was never unhappy with his pet and insisted that this was her natural nature.

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